Thursday, March 12, 2009

ACH, Disney, My Baby is 5, ACH.

As you can tell by the title I am lumping a lot together. Before I get into the medical Jargon, MY BABY IS 5!!!!!!!! Oh my!! Birthdays are always a big deal in my family but this years birthdays were especially big. With everything that has happened we really try to make Drew's birthday extra special. One of his favorite places in the whole world is Disney. This boy has a love for Mickey. We left Thursday and stayed until his birthday on Monday. On Friday we went to Blizzard Beach it was a free promotional thing and we figured we would use it since we have never been, both kids including us loved it, great for kids. The entire weekend was about Drew and what he wanted to do. We all had a blast. Monday on his birthday he got a birthday pin and giftcard for 63 dollars from Disney. Drew was in heaven. The boy loved to pick out whatever he wanted. Thank you Disney for doing the birthday promotion you literally made my sons day. This trip marked the end of our endless trips to Disney. One, we( the adults) are a little bored with it and two, Drew starts school next year, so we can't just take him out whenever. It was a wonderful weekend, so happy we went. When we got home we celebrated with just us. A little different from the norm but most of the fam was with us in Disney and we were all tired. Wednesday I made cupcakes for school, yum. Next weekend will be his birthday party. I was going to do a carnival theme party but the organization of it with everything else going on has somewhat gone out the window. I figure the kids won't really notice and there will still be pony rides, animals to pet, face painting, tatoos, popcorn machine, pinata ect.... enough to keep everyone happy.

On to the ACH portion of this post. After much discussion and many things that are happening with Rylee we are going to go forth with the muscle biopsy. I met with the surgeon on Tuesday and loved her. Most know how picky I am about Dr's, it is really hard to please me. I really was comfortable with her though. She will have it done on 3/23 so please pray for her and our family.


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