Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Road trip of the summer season was to SC.

I love me some travel:) Last year on the way back from our NY road trip we stopped at my Aunt and Uncles. Drew has been asking to go back ever since. We left on a Sunday and stayed until Thursday and then headed to Seaworld. We had a great time visititing, wine, ice cream, butterflies, beach, horse riding, Sue and Pauls( they are the sweetest people and their house is heaven to me,) golf cart rides, corvette rides and just plain ol hanging out. Uncle Frank is happy to have his TV back:) He's not much for Noggin or sprouts. He is more of the fall asleep in the chair with the remote type guy. Don't you dare try and touch the remote while he is sleeping. He is so much my grandfather it's scary, love him. A good time was had by all. Thursday we headed to Seaworld. Rylee loves fish, dolphins and whales. Perfect place for her and Drew had not been in a while. Both kids were happy as clams. In the words of Rylee " I want more" "I wanna go back see dolpin" It's fun seeing her show interest in something. Drew was so happy that his friend Bryce who had been at Disney met us for the day. I love that we are doing more this summer. After our road trip last year Rylee ended up in the hospital for the rest of the summer, not fun. I feel like we are doing so much lately, it has been so long since we have done all these things. As soon as I think we are adjusting Rylee has a few bad days. It is so hard for her to keep up. I'm working on my balancing skills. Fun with down time for her:)

The best news of the trip was Dr. Shoffners office called while we were away. We were not sure if he was going to see her since all he does is diagnose and she has been already. He agreed to see us because the report is requesting more tissue. We leave the first week of August.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


The last blog update caused a little bit of an uproar. Let me start by saying that I don't write anything that is geared towards people who I know read this so please don't take offense. This blog sometimes is a way for me to vent and let it all out. By the time you read this, I'm usually over what I wrote about. I don't mind people asking me about Rylee, please do. I have no idea what the response will be but, whatever it is that's where I'm at that day so don't hold it against me:) Are you happy Mom???????

On to other stuff. It has been such a fun summer so far. We have spent time with our friends who we don't get to see as much during the school year. Drew is loving just hanging out everyday. It is a little rough for Rylee. She needs a lot of sleep but we are doing the best we can and so far not so bad. Tuesday Rylee had an apt with Dr. W. She lost a little bit of weight:( and her site need to be cauterized, yuck. The great debate of putting a TPN in is full force. I'm so torn about this:( Time will tell as to what we do. This will be one of the hardest decisions we will have to make to date. Drew got to stay at my parents while we went to the Dr's. He loves playing golf in Papa's golf course and playing ball on Papa's ball field. So nice for him to get to do what he wants and be the hot shot. This lead into 4th of July weekend. Our friends texted us about going to see fireworks at miromar last minute and I decided to pack the kids and go. I knew this would be difficult with Rylee and the tube but James and I made it work and Drew had a blast with Jason. Thanks Leah for the invite. I know we can't always go to things but are thankful for the invites. My fav was Lucinda's rocking head piece. On the 4th we went to the Sanibel for a bike ride then on the beach for a few hours. When we got home it was a quick swim in the pool, BBQ and packing. Today we left for Hilton Head to see my Aunt and Uncle. We made it here safe and sound and are looking forward to spend a few days with them. Drew has already hit Uncle Frank up for a golf cart ride.

My FIL in back in the hossy wishing him well and hope that sometime in the near future he can finally get better:) and my MIL can get some much deserved peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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