Saturday, August 2, 2008


Sorry this is so late. Rylee would not let me leave at all until now. She is doing really well today. Yesterday was rough she was in a lot of pain and spiked a pretty high temp. Everything went well and we hope to be going home tomorrow. She is fever free and off the morphine. We all know how I am so you can imagine what she is like, one tough cookie. She has a little bleeding around the port site because she is relentless with wanting to pull it out. I warned the docs that this would happen. Having worked with Rylee for the past year they were afraid I was right and I am. We are now brainstorming on how to keep her hands off. She was vomiting yesterday too so we started her on pedialyte first then to kids response. Giving Rylee something new is usual not a good thing since she normally vomits it back up but the tube seems to work and she handling it well. Thanks for all the phone calls and well wishes. I will touch base with everyone once we are home.

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