Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where does the time go????

I can not believe how time just flys by. Drew started Pre-K this week!!!! He totally loves it and that makes James and I feel wonderful. We toyed with the idea of pulling him out of the school he had been in the last few years. They have a program here called VPK which just means that it's free. TJ where he goes now is VERY expensive and with all Rylee's mounting medical bills and the fact that the school is just way over priced made us think we would pull him and send him to VPK. After much research we were not thrilled with any of the VPK programs. The curriculum they follow is way behind what he has learned already and the last thing Drew needs is change. TJ has done everything in their power to make sure Drew is doing well and feels safe, secure and loved. He has had a lot going on in his little life the past 18 months, poor kid. He just thrives there so we decided to stick it out another year and we are beyond excited that we did. If you could see him everyday you would never second guess keeping him there. Rylee actual starts Mommy and Me in September. It feels like yesterday that I was there with my little man. Soccer starts again on Monday. We just went and bought new cleats. I love watching him run around. I'm not very excited that they are now at the age where they have night practices but that's what happens as they grow. Nights are the worst for us so we will do our best to make this work and we have friend who offered to take him to practice if need be( thanks Leah) Hopefully James and I will figure it out so that one of us can be there. It's really hard for Drew when we miss these things because it always goes back to his sister being sick:(

Tomorrow I leave to go to Tampa to do training course with Robert Jones( make up artist to the stars) Since joining Mary Kay Robyn and I have done work with brides so I need to learn more because we all know how good I am at that stuff(NOT) It is a totally crazy career path for me but it fits into my schedule and so far is financially beneficial. I will go to Tampa tomorrow come home Saturday night then go back with Rylee on Sunday. She has to be at All Children's on Monday morning. Rylee girls seems to be doing ok. Last week we found out she has an infection so she is on antibiotics for that. We also found out that she will need leg braces. She just is not able to walk on her own. When she walks her hips externally rotate and her knees hyperextend(I know all my Towson peeps will understand this) Thursday she will finally have her speech eval, thank the lord. She really needs this. So it's safe to say we have a very busy medical week ahead of us. I wish you could all see Rylee in the last week or so she totally deveolping a personality, the girl is funny but don't tell her NO!!! That pisses her off beyond belief. She loves to give her brother loads of kisses and hugs, to cute. Ok, off for the night. I will try and update next week after Neuro, Gastro, brace and speech eval.


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