Sunday, September 14, 2008

We are still here and trying to get better at this.

Hey Everyone,

Sorry once again it has been so long since a post had been done. Since it has been called to my attention by many here goes.

Drew is doing great! Still loves school. Of course it's only Pre-K. I hope he still loves it when it's more work and less play. Soccer has started up again. We now have nite practices, ugh!!! It's really not that bad and he enjoys it. He does wonderful in practice but he's not that aggressive during the game, if you can believe it. I guess it's me telling him "no hands" all the time. Oh well, as long as he enjoys it.

Rylee is doing ok. She had rough week and a half. She was not keeping anything by mouth or tube down. We have taken her off food by mouth lowered the rate again and now she is doing much better. This of course does not help us get to bolus feeds but I don't really care as long as she gains. She has had a great weekend. Lets keep our fingers crossed that she continues. I started Mommy and me with her last week and it's a bit of a challenge because a lot of it is centered around food and she is behind all the other kids. We will stick with it and hope that she gets better. She had her speech eval and she does not really know how to chew correctly which is why she chokes a lot and her speech is behind so we will be starting that therapy soon. Afternoons are still a nightmare for us but we are working through it. All in all she is doing well for now and hopefully it will stay that way.

James and I are doing well too. James will be playing kickball on Thursdays, that should be funny stay tuned for an update on that. I was suppose to play too but they changed days and I can't do Thursdays plus we both can not be away from Rylee when she is on the tube.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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