Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swimming with clothes on!!!!

Ok, so alot of you know that when I was preggo with Rylee a little boy almost drowned in our pool. It was one of the most horrifying moments ever. I'm narotic about water anyway, not really sure why. In my previous life I must have drowned or been burned to death as I have issues with those things. Yesterday Drew was invited to a pool party and against my better judgement we went. Thank the lord James made it home to watch Rylee. Well, one of our friends is pregnant with twins and she has 2 and 4 year old. She bought her husband with her to help. He was a little busy with all the other kids who wanted to jump all over him when their daughter jumped in the pool( the 2 year old) No one was moved to help so in I went in fully clothed, it was a sight. Not only was I soaking wet, when I went to change Drew in the bathroom toilet paper stuck to me and I had no idea. I walked out of the party and ran into publix soaking wet with toilet paper stuck to the back of my legs. Ugh, it was a sight but at least Lily was ok.

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Jenny G said...

"met" you on Mammapalooza (hope to see you at a meetup soon, too).

Just wanted to say this is a fear of mine..drowing. We have a pool and I am so neurotic when it comes to using it, but better safe than sorry.

I'm so glad you jumped in. You are truly a wonderful person!!

I'm a bit of a daredevil

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