Friday, June 19, 2009

Late is always better then never, Jamaica.

Jamaica feels like a lifetime ago but that's where I left off and promised I would go back. First I want to start off by saying we had a great time. With that said, I will do my best to try and explain all that happened with out the intent of making it sound negative. We needed this week, we needed no Dr's, therapy and the constant reminder of our daily life. It was a wonderful week. It was so amazing and sad at the same time to see Drew so carefree and happy. At one moment during the trip I started to tear up because the realization hit me that I have not seen Drew so happy and free since Rylee was born. He was just having good old fashion fun. I ache for him to have that life everyday again. I love that he was able to have it again for a few days. There were a group of young guys that included him in their daily volleyball game. I don't think those guys realized the impact of what they were doing. I wish they knew, and thank them for allowing Drew to feel like "one of the boys" Now on to Rylee. Rylee was not having a great few weeks. She had a really rough six weeks. It was flat out awful, no sugar coating it. Our trip was at the end of the really bad stretch. She was not great but at least not at her worst. She never went in the water the entire time. However, she LOVED to feed the fish. I wish she was feeling better. I know this is going to sound crazy but until this trip I never thought that we had a child with "special needs" I know, totally crazy but I didn't. I now do, and things are forever changed. We had to get all the clearances to travel with all her supplies, not an easy task. I was pleasantly surprised when all went very smoothly. You all know that us and smooth don't usually go together so I of course am waiting for the ball to drop. It dropped and exploded the next day when her tube broke. I mean almost beyond repair. We had to call the emergency line at ACH and have them call Jamaica. Our options were very limited. We could pack it up and go home one day into our trip, take her to the Jamaican hospital or feed her with the G-tube. We opted to feed her with the G-tube. Not the smartest idea. The tube was to thick and heavy for her and she was in severe pain and started to bleed pretty bad out of the opening in her stomach. This was not going to work. Thank God we know the people there and they went out and bought us multiple types of glue. James was able to fix it well enough until we got home. We love this place and had a great time. We can not thank Lucio and Pinky enough. If I could only figure out way to let them know what it means to us to be able to get away from it all.

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