Sunday, September 13, 2009

Exactly what we needed:)

Yesterday was Drew's first soccer game of the season. He started off in goal. He did a great job. He is much more a defensive player then offensive. I see Daddy working with him in the goal in the near future. He will happily tell you no one scored the half he was in goal. It was pouring in the morning but the rain stopped in time for the game, thank God.

In the afternoon we went with the family and Stephanie to see Disney on Ice. My kids love anything Disney. I was a little worried about Rylee because when she's not feeling well things can go either way. They all loved it!! Watching their faces light up is priceless. Rylee kept saying "more ice" she didn't want it to end. She was clapping, laughing, sitting with all of us and in normal Rylee fashion feeding us. For 2 hours we had our girl back. I'm am beyond thrilled that we went. It made all of us so happy to see her like that, it has been a while. It was truly awesome and exactly what we needed. Drew was so excited when the cars characters came out. He loved it just as much as Rylee. Watching it through their eyes is so much fun.

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