Thursday, September 10, 2009

A little chat about God.

Ever since my leg was hurt everyone would ask us "how we got through it?" Now that Rylee is sick we are asked all the time if we believe in God?How do you get through everyday? Don't we hate God for doing this?

I'm going to answer to the best of my ability how we feel about God. First off I do not believe God gave this disease to Rylee. God does good things, not bad. I do believe God chose us to be her parents. For whatever reason he thought that we had enough love, faith and ability to handle this in the best way that we can. I believe that he is there for us everyday. I don't believe that we could wake up in the morning if we did not believe in him. There is a stronger power that allows us to live and get through everyday, and that is him. We love when people prayer for her. There is nothing more powerful then those prayers. Dr's, medicine, food are all important but without prayer and belief there is nothing. I'm in no way a holy roller. I just have faith and this faith, good family and friends it what keeps our heads above water.

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