Friday, November 28, 2008


Ok, so it's really hard to put this day into words. Thanksgiving means more to us now then it has in the past. I know it shouldn't, and we should never have taken anything for granted but lets face it, we all do, I still do. I wanted to spend this day with family. I wanted everyone to sit and watch my kids play, yes kids. Not just one but 2, our beautiful, loving, full of energy son and our strong willed pint size 21 month old who is here. She, is here:) It has been a long hard road but on this day we were just us hanging out loving life. We were so lucky to have had my Aunt and Uncle come into town. Drew was beyond stoked that they were coming, very cute. I really wanted this day to be upbeat but while we were all siting to eat, it dawned on me that she may never have a Holiday meal with us. How awful for her to have to watch us and never be able to eat with us. I can't fathom that. I don't want her to have to live that way. I tried not to think about it but it was with me the rest of the night. I also realized I can't change it so I needed to be thankful for their, laughter, smiles, tears, tantrums, attitudes. You see most people complain about the bad days. Don't get me wrong, I do to but I also remind myself that all of it makes my children who they are and they are pretty special people. Love your family, hug them a little more, kiss them more, tell them you love them more. Don't take the small things for granted because no one knows what tomorrow will bring. The day did not go as I planed in a few different ways but we were all here together and that's all that matters. I love my family and was so happy to spend the day with them even if Drew spent the entire day in his PJ's. Like father like son:)

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see us. No words were needed but we know why you were here. For all the people that called, thank you. I'm sorry we did not answer the phone but we decided that we didn't want to waste the day talking on the phone and not being present with our family. Your thoughts, prayers and love were much appreciated.

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