Monday, August 10, 2009

Gone and Back, thank God!

Last Tuesday we left for GA to continue our quest of trying to completely figure out what's going on with Rylee and to figure out if there is anything we can do now for the Mito. We knew this was going to be a rough trip and it was. Wednesday was apt after apt and they did not go well. The first apt was with anesthesia which was suppose to be quick. That turned into an ordeal and a half and Rylee lost it. Rylee has a lot of issues with anesthesia and they all decided that they needed EKG's Echo's and a slew of other things. Rylee was a screaming lunatic. She hates the entire medical profession and these people and hospital were all new. This apt made us late for the next apt. Not a big deal though because the next apt she down right refused to do. I knew that she probably wouldn't do it from pictures on another persons blog that had been to Dr. Shoffner already. They put this big tube with a blanket all around you. Rylee wouldn't even let them get it down. Every time they tried Rylee would put out outstretched hands. After a few attempts and a balistic child they called it quits. Next up the wizard the wonderful wizard of OZ. Dr.Shoffner was next up. I was well prepared for his type. I had talked to Amber about her visit, Dr. Warren is no different and I worked in the medical field. He was much better then I expected and Rylee was much worse. She was pulling her hair out, my hair out, throwing things, screaming and hitting. Dr. Shoffner dealt with her great. He knew it was a long day and that this was only because she was so upset. He had to stand across the room and leave the door open and every once in a while she would give us a moment of peace. I knew that Dr. Shoffner would not be giving us many answers. He likes to run all of his test first. That means 3 more months of waiting. He said that there is definitely something else going on because her weight is so low even for mito. With the gj-tube and all the calories she gets she should weigh a lot more then 13pds 11 ounces and be longer then 28 inches at 2 and a half. We discussed the TPN and he wasn't really excited about it. He said that she would probably gain adipose tissue but not muscle and skeletal growth which is what we really need. Fat tissue would hurt her not help her. Thursday was surgery day. At first we thought we were staying over night because of the anesthesia. Last minute they decided to change how they were going to do things and that we would be able to go back to the hotel, woohoo:) Everything went well. Poor Rylee is miserable though. They had an awful time getting an IV and blood so 10 attempts later, 2 bruised and swollen feet, 2 bruised and swollen hands they were able to get one in. They could get the blood from where the IV was so they had to get it from the femoral artery on the non-surgical leg. The lumbar puncture took 2 times before they were able to get. All of this equals one sore miserable child:( It's so hard to see her like this but, I know it will pass. As everything else we are going through one day at a time. The only good thing about waiting 3 more months is we get a little break from the medical world for a bit.


AugMom06 said...

I am sorry to hear that Rylee had such a rough time of it in GA. I hope that all the procedures she endured will provide answers to your questions.

Meredith Strachan said...

Janet - Everytime I read your blog I am awed and amazed at your strength. You are such an amazing mom and your kids are so blessed to have you. I hope that these tests will give you some more answers. Although I don't see you or talk to you much, know that you are in our thoughts!

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