Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's a kindergarten world.

Drew started kindergarten this past Monday. How has five years gone by so fast?? He loves it!! I did not shed a tear. How could I cry when he was so happy. That does not bring tears to my eyes it bring smiles to my face and heart. His teacher seems really nice and we all like her a lot. I hope the rest of the year goes as great as the first week. I only hope they improve parent pick line, it's insane. We are thinking about the bus but it does not really help us out. Our major issue is Rylee's schedule. If she were a healthy normal child I would just suck it up. We will decide in the next few weeks what we will do. If the bus stop was at our entrance and not the first, all would be fine. Since it's at the first, I would still have to take Rylee with me. The bus also gets here way to late to get her down for her nap. We have a few friends who have offered to pick Drew up for us. I will see how this week goes and make a decision when we get back from NY. All in all a wonderful start to a new school year.

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