Wednesday, March 3, 2010


When Rylee was getting sicker, and the Dr's were not sure what was going to happen, the word death came up. It hit hard in so many ways but, instantly I thought I needed to let Karen and my family know that if anything happened, James and I wanted Rylee brought home to NY. We did not want her buried in FL. NY is home, no matter where we live and, I didn't want her to be alone. While we sat on the couch knowing our daughters life was coming to an end, I found myself second guessing what I wanted. I didn't know if I could leave her. I felt this way until we were at the cemetery. I needed signs, silently begged for them. I did not want my baby to be alone. We decided to go ahead and bring Rylee back NY. The thought of having her here was worse then leaving her in NY but, still looked for something to tell me this was right. I'm going to back track a little. In October while I was in the hospital with Rylee a close family friend suddenly passed away. I was heart broken for this family, for my parents who wouldn't leave us to be there. I received an email from Mr. Reardons daughter saying that his death had to have something to do with Rylee and that she whole heartedly believed he was another angel in heaven fighting for her down here. I wanted to believe this so much and if it helped his family to believe he was helping Rylee I was all for it. We needed all the angels we could get. I hated that it had to be someone we knew though, and that they were hurting so badly. Now to bring you to the morning after Rylee passed away. I was not taking phone calls. Friends of ours came over and fielded the phones for us. I was upstairs and Terra came up and she looked at me saying "I'm sorry but she won't take no for an answer, it's a Maryann." It was Mrs. Reardon letting my know that she wanted us to use Mr. Reardons car when we got to NY. We landed late into NY so we were not going to Locust Valley until the next day. My parents picked James and I up in Mr. Reardon's car and off we went to the cemetery. After talking about what we wanted we were taken down to an area that had space available. My parents decided to get a plot and James and I would need two. When we got to the area that we could choose from all of a sudden I started to listen to everyone saying " I don't want to be up the hill, I don't want to be in the shade, I want sun, I want some tree's" As I was listening to this all I said was "I don't want her to be alone" Everyone was looking were there was no one around. I knew James Grandparents and my Grandfather were in the surrounding areas which was good but it still did not feel right. My Dad moved over to another area and said "what about here?" then he walked over to see who she would be near and all I heard him say was "Oh my God, I can't believe this" My Mom went over to see who it was. She turned and looked at me and I said "who is it" her answer was "Tom Reardon" We just started to cry. Our baby was not going to be alone. There we were in his car at his grave site and he would be with our baby girl. That was our sign. Sadly, he did not pass away to be her angel on earth but he is her Angel in heaven. James and I took great comfort knowing that Mr. Reardon would be with her. We found out we could not put her right next to him because his son had bought the plot next to him but we bought the 3 plots after that.It was fine, he was close enough. I knew she was in the right spot, God and Mr. Reardon lead us there. My baby is NOT alone!


Lucinda said...

...and you're not alone either!
Thinking of your family every day!

The Sass Girls said...

What a peaceful ending. I did not know, but I can imagine the comfort knowing that she isn't alone, that you have family and friends visiting and one day you will all be together again.

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