Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The story of our lives!

Two weeks after Disney we had Drew's birthday party. All year long we have been hearing about how he wanted a pony at his party giving rides. The entire party was based around the damn pony and the party had to be changed do to a schedule conflict and we had to find a new Pony. I was so happy that we had one coming and not only would there be a pony but goats, ferrets and bunnies to pet too. I totally go over board for Drew's birthday because of everything else going on. This is all about him. Pony is suppose to arrive at 12:30 well 12:30 comes and goes, 1:00 comes and goes. James and I are furious and we have one very upset little boy. We are frantically calling with no answer, are you freakin kidding me!!! Finally the guy calls and he is in the hospital. They were in an accident on the way here and the driver was in the hospital and the pony is DEAD!!!! No, really this not a lie, although it did cross our minds but we requested the accident report. This is just how our life rolls. If it's crazy and nuts it happens to us. Oh well it adds color to our life. After a few meltdowns and "I hate my birhtday party" moments all was fine. I felt awful for Drew though. I just wanted him to have this for him and it be perfect.

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