Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Super Duper Trooper.

Last Monday Rylee had a muscle biopsy and a larynoscopy. We had to be there by 7:30 and surgery was delayed for a few hours. Not Good!!!! That means a few extra hours of trying to keep her happy, eek. Thankfully everyone knows us and knows how she is and trys really hard to make it as comfortable as possible. After a while of crankiness she gave up and just layed on me. I love those moments when she just lets go and is all lovey on me. Finally we were taken back and I had to hand her over. One of the hardest things a parent will have to do. Giving her to someone I don't really know trusting that they will return her to me just fine, so hard. Off to family waiting I went. I sat there just pondering how we got to where we are and wondering how we will ever get out. Rylee has been through so much and I just want a happy ending. She came out of surgery ok. We had to spend the night because she always has some sort of reaction afterwards. All in all she did well. The incision is a little bigger then I expected and she wouldn't walk the rest of the week but all in all not so bad. Now we just wait! Ha, I'm so not good at waiting, not a patient person. This will be a test for me. It amazes me how Rylee takes the punches and keeps going. She is a fighter and I admire and adore her for it.

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Amber Greenawalt said...

I'm hoping for a happy ending for you too Janet :) Thanks for chatting with me!

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