Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can't Believe I'm Here

I have read many blogs but never thought it would be me blogging. A friend of mine(Lucinda) just sent me the her blog website so I decided to follow in her footsteps. Another thing for me to waste my time doing. Oh well, they are fun to read. It's easy way to update everyone on what's happening in our lives. So I am now an official blogger. Everyone can be updated on my boring life.



Lucinda said...

Yay!! You are an official Blogger! That's one more friend added to my links. Now we have to get more people signed up! It's like another form of myspace! Glad you're on here! Oh and just to add salt to the open wound, my house is clean!! You should call Roxanne, she could use the business! We went to little dippers today, not a fun experience. Both kids took off in opposite directions. It was short lived as we left in 30mins. Ugh!!

Andersen Family said...

I just called Roxanne in the worst thunderstorm!!!!! Crazy, I know. It's just so hard to keep this house clean with all of the hospital stays and trips to the docs. I was doing so good until all of this. I hear you on the pool. I have to remind myself there are positives about Rylee not walking yet. We spent the day at Lakes Park in the sprinklers. Ok, bye for now:)

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