Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getting Ready To Go!!!

I can't wait to head up North tomorrow. It's so much work right now trying to pack for everyone though. I'm constantly thinking what am I forgetting??? I keep looking at the pile of stuff so far, wondering how it's all going to fit in the car. Lucky for me when I was a kid we use to drive to FL twice a year to see my grandparents. I use to watch my Dad pack a car like no one I had ever seen before. I can make anything fit in a car. It amazes James every time. We will be stopping at VA first then to PA to sleep in a train, Drew is going to love this and then we go to NY for a bit then to MD and SC before we finally return to FL. We should be gone for about 3 weeks but Rylee girl has an apt with Dr. Speiser in NY so we have been told that is very likely that she will end up in the hospital there, poor baby. She is probably one of the toughest people in my life. Her first year has been full of Dr's and hospital stays and my heart breaks for her. We will keep our fingers crossed and our prayers working on over drive. The next 6 weeks are crucial ones for her. We have not been back to NY since Rylee's Christening. This is a big deal for me. Up until this past year I would go back home about every 6-8 weeks. I love NY, I love my family and friends there. I wanted Drew to experience that lifestyle. I love FL would never move back but I will forever be connected to NY. The other day we had asked Drew where he was from and his answer was NY. I guess we went back a little to often. He truly thinks he's from there and will argue with us if we try to tell him otherwise. Poor Rylee has only been back once. Hopefully she will get better and we can start going back more again. Thoughts of what the car ride is going to be like with the kids keep filling my brain. The first driving stretch is about 16 hours. Both of my kids don't sleep in a car or stroller only in their beds. Weird, I know. Since we are leaving at 3am I'm hoping that for once they will sleep. I have to run to go pack more. To everyone in NY we can not wait to see you all. We miss you more then you know. It's very hard to have your biggest support system be so far away. I have the best friends in the world who are there no matter what happens and love them more then they know.

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Lucinda said...

Good Luck with your trip. Hope it's a great time for everyone. You need some relaxation time with friends and family! Get in touch when you get back so we can plan a girls night!

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