Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Trip 08 part two

We have spent the last three days in PA. It simply amazes me that Drew can get so excited about Thomas still. We had a awesome time. We stayed in a caboose, rode Thomas and a steam engine, went for horse and buggy rides, went to Cherry Crest farms. It was so much fun. If anyone is every near East Strasbourg you must stay, there is so much to do and the kids have so much fun. Thomas is wonderful here. We have seen Thomas in Miami and it sucks there. We are now in NY. We Spent the day trying to see everyone and have a little party for James. The only negative is James flight was cancelled. Oh well, at least he got to see his brother and New Girlfriend(like her) He is staying at Frankie and Cindi's tonight since John was unable to bring him the airport tomorrow. Love Frankie and Cindi they put the party together for him and were gracious enough to change their plans to accommodate bringing James to the airport and crash on their couch. You guys rock, thank you so much. Tomorrow we are going to visit my Grandmother, wish me luck.

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