Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rylee Update

We are back and cell service sucks at Anna's so I'm hoping everyone checks in here like I told you to:) We don't know to much more now then before. They have to run some test and start discussing Growth Hormone Therapy. We have no idea if it will do anything but it's something. Other then that not to much to tell. We will probably end up in the hospital when we get home to do everything that needs to be done. Please keep praying for her she needs it.


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ytedd said...

Are you kidding? We've been checking your blog once or twice daily for updates, even though you didn't leave me the URL, before you left on your trip but, what can I say, I'm resourceful. ;) Like you said, at least that's something about the possible growth hormone therapy for Rylee, and it sounds like you'll get to come back home (I know you think you're home right now, but to us this is your and our home) ;), which will be good for everybody. We'll keep praying for you, while you're away. Take care and let us know if you need anything. We miss you. Yvonne

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