Saturday, July 12, 2008

Where to start???

I have no idea where to start, we have done so much lately. I think I last left off with an update on Rylee. I know it was a poor update and I apologize for that. Sometimes I'm at a loss for words or basically just shut down. NY was wonderful in many ways and horrible in others. It was the most gut wrenching week and no one should have to go through what I did. My kids were let down again by some one who in my opinion has their priorities really screwed up. On to the good stuff. We were able to spend lots of time with my friends and some family. Drew was so excited to go to the bronz Zoo again and just be the center of every ones attention. We went to the feast twice which he loved. I have been going to this same feast since I was born and everyone goes back each year. It's great to see all the people I grew up with all in one place and of course the zeppolis, oh and free beer. The fire house does have some good qualities. All in all a week that I wish would have been different on many levels but also comforting to be "HOME" We left NY a day early because we decided we wanted to spend an extra day in Baltimore. I'm so happy we did this. I miss living there. The inner harbour, canton and Fells were awesome. We took Drew and Rylee to Port Discovery and they both loved it. For whatever reason Drew decided that he wanted to milk a cow while we were in PA. There are cows everywhere so I thought someone will let us try, NOPE. They have machines that do this. We were told about this maze place that has a cow kids can learn on so off we went. They were not going to get the cow until the week after we left. He was so disappointed. Do you know that this port discovery place had a fake cow that you could milk and it spat out water. He was in his glory. This place was really cool and it melted my heart to see there were even things for Rylee to do. We walked around the Harbour went on the ancient carousel(a few times), went to Camden yards, fells point, canton we basically just had an awesome time. We ate at ESPN zone Drew died and went to heaven. I was able to meet up with some friends for a lunch date. It was so weird to walk by all the places I got drunk at years ago, it seems as if it were yesterday. After MD we packed up and started the 12 hour drive to Hilton Head SC. It was great to spend a few days with my Aunt and Uncle. Drew drove all over in the golf cart and corvette. He now tells me daily that Mimi is going to buy these things for him. Listen my parents do a lot for us and buy us a lot but I will tell you for sure he will get the golf cart but there is no way he will get a corvette. We had a lot of fun on the 4th. My Aunt and Uncle took us to their friends house Sue and Paul. They live on the water with a really nice pool, and boat deck. When I think of heaven this is what I think off. At dusk the dolphins came out and they were swimming right in front of the deck, amazing. We BBQ'd and stayed for the fireworks. To my surprise the kids did awesome but the next day was one of recovery. On our last day there and our last day of vacation before we started the 8 hour drive home we decided to go to Hilton Head Beach and Sea Pines. Drew and Rylee had a great time jumping into the waves. Yes, my 25 inch 12pd daughter thought she could just keep walking further and further into the water to get to the waves. She's ballsy like her Mom but someone needs to explain to her how tiny she is. After the beach we went to Sea Pines to go to the Salty Dog for ice cream and a little time on the playground. We were all tired and it was early to bed since we were getting up to head home in the morning. We had an awesome vacation minus the 206 dollar ticket on the way home which even my Mother says was not my fault but we were in some podunk FL town and I guess they have nothing better to do then give out bogus tickets. Oh well, what can you do. Can't wait for next years road trip.

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Lucinda said...

Sounds like you had a very eventful trip! I love traveling to other places that have cool things for the kids to do. Let me know what your schedule is like so we can plan a time for the kids to get together! Aidan & Rylan need some older TALKING boys to hang out with :)

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